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ORACLE – enq: TX row lock contention

Enqueues are locks that coordinate access to database resources. enq: wait eventindicates that the session is waiting for a lock that is held by another session. The amount of wait time associated with this wait event is excessive and can be responsible for performance issues observed in the application. TX enqueue are acquired exclusive when…
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4 Aprile 2017 0

Oracle 12C – Password File in ASM

Prior to Oracle Database 12c, the password file was always located under $ORACLE_HOME/dbs file structure, even for RAC instances and for RAC ASM cluster. For RAC the DBA had to managed to keep the password file in sync on each node. Now , in Oracle 12c, it is possible to store the password file on…
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14 Febbraio 2017 0


PART 1 LINK Oracle VM 3-4-2 Oracle VM Manager 3.4.2 supports current and previous Oracle VM Server releases. Part 2 You can use Oracle VM Manager 3.4.2 to manage Oracle VM Server Release 3.4.x, 3.3.x, 3.2.10, or 3.2.11. If Oracle VM environment consists of Oracle VM Manager Release 3.4.2 and one or more instances of…
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1 Febbraio 2017 0

DB_ULTRA_SAFE parameter

DB_ULTRA_SAFE is a new parameter introduced in 11g. It provides an integrated mechanism to offer protection from various possible data corruptions. and provides critical high availability benefits for Oracle Database. Setting DB_ULTRA_SAFE initialization parameter will configure the appropriate data protection block checking level in the database. It will control DB_BLOCK_CHECKING, DB_BLOCK_CHECKSUM, and DB_LOST_WRITE_PROTECT. DB_BLOCK_CHECKING controls…
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26 Gennaio 2017 0

Oracle12C : Database Firewall

The Oracle Database Firewall enables organizations to protect their databases from internal and external attacks. Oracle Database Firewall allows unauthorised SQL traffic on the network to be monitored and blocked before reaching the database. Database Firewall for Security and Compliance Oracle Database Firewall monitors and enforces normal application behavior in order to avoid the increasingly…
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16 Gennaio 2017 0

ORACLE 12C: Data Migration Assistant

The Database Migration Assistant for Unicode (DMU) provides a good solution for migrating databases from legacy character sets to the Unicode character set. It is shipping with Oracle Database 12c Rel.1 and becomes the officially supported method for migration to the Unicode character set. Database Character Set Scanner (CSSCAN) and CSALTER utilities are removed from…
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5 Gennaio 2017 0

Oracle: DBMS_COMPARISON package

An interesting feature for Oracle 11g is DBMS_COMPARISON package which planned to use compare data within two schemas or between database`s schema. To use DBMS_COMPARISON you have to grant. If you connected as SYSDBA you already have had grant to execute. Other users need execute grants on DBMS_COMPARISON and that user will need to be…
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14 Dicembre 2016 0

Compress table

Scenery: Mass distribution of rich and multimedia content over the Internet, made possible through advancements in broadband technologies, also contributes to the growth in overall data volume. The enormous growth in the volume of data that needs to be retained online makes storage one of the biggest cost elements of most IT budgets. The compression…
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5 Dicembre 2016 0

ORACLE – VM 3.4.2

During Oracle OpenWorld 2016, the company has announced new version (3.4.2) of their virtualization platform Some of the key new features that have been delivered include: Oracle VM Manager support for previous Oracle VM Server releases: – Manage Oracle VM Server for x86 – 3.4.x, 3.3.x or 3.2.10/11 releases. – Manage Oracle VM Server for…
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16 Novembre 2016 0


The UTL_MAIL database package is used to manage email. It allows you to send an email message directly from the database server, with cc and bcc, and also catering for RAW attachments. This package is not installed by default due to obvious security reasons, but needs to be installed manually via two scripts: utlmain.sql and…
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10 Novembre 2016 0